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تملك عقار في تركيا


  • Property ownership in Turkey is freehold.

  • More than one person can register in a single title deed “ Tapu “.

  • The family (father, mother, and children) can obtain Real-estate owner residency which entitles them to obtain citizenship later.

  • Tapu in Turkey is for a lifetime, not for a limited period.

  • Tabu owner gets shares in the ground, in proportion with the real estate size.

  • Tapu can be inherited in the event of the death of the property owner to the legitimate heirs, or by the means of a will registered at a notary.

  • In the event of the death of the property owner, the Turkish government will wait for a period of 10 years if no one of the legitimate heirs checks the government in reference to the property; the government will transfer the ownership of Endowments Directorate in Turkey.

  • TAMALOK will not take any commission from the buyer; our service fee is included in the sale price.

  • TMALOK deals directly with the owner of the property and makes sure that there is no intermediary.

  • Tapu cannot be obtained in the event of installment sales; this is possible at the end of the last installment.

  • In the event of payment plan purchase, a sales contract will be signed with the owner to preserves the rights of the two parties.

  • Sales prices are set by the construction company; the same prices will be given to the customer in the event of the customer visit the construction company alone.

  • The customer will benefit from our free services/consultancy and sometimes from the discount given to us from construction companies.

  • There is no financial transaction between us and the customer, financial transactions will be undertaken directly between the buyer and the construction company.

  • Getting a tapu will not entitle the customer to get a work permit since the latter requires a different process by establishing a company in Turkey or getting employed by a Turkish company.

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