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Turkish economy achieved good growth during the third quarter of this year

Turkish economy achieved good growth during the third quarter of this year

The newspaper “Aksham” reported that the Turkish economy grew during the third quarter of 2015 by 4% in spite of the instability that the country experienced due to political instability.

According to the newspaper, Turkish economy grew more than expected during the third quarter of 2015, achieving No. 4%, as this figure is healthy to Turkey in spite of the difficult conditions experienced due to political instability, and bringing the total percentage of the overall growth in Turkey during the first nine months of this year, 3.4%.

The newspaper indicated that the largest growth achieved in the state’s resources and infrastructure projects, which achieved 2.2%, while other sectors were spread over the remaining percentage, and the largest sector, which has seen imports is the agricultural sector, where the value grew 11.1%.

The newspaper added that the economic growth figures are expected to achieve the best growth in the coming period, where the President of the Federation of machinery export “Adnan Dalga Karan” pointed out that the Turkish government, led by Justice and Development Party should plans to grow by 6-7% in the coming year.

The newspaper also added that the experts point out that Turkey has to rely on the industrial sector to grow significantly, due to the lack of easy influence by this sector of the international crisis and achieved a stable rate.

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