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Turkey Reopens its Doors to Foreigners in Lebanon

  • April 10, 2019
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Turkey Reopens its Doors to Foreigners in Lebanon

The Turkish embassy opened an office in Beirut on Monday to receive requests from foreigners, especially Syrians and Palestinians wishing to travel to Turkey, in the presence of the Turkish ambassador to Lebanon Mr. Çağatay Erciyes.

The office will examine the application of each foreigner provided that he/she is a legitimate resident in Lebanon, whatever his/her nationality, especially the Syrians and Palestinians, where now it is possible to grant them a visa to Turkey by setting a date through the Turkish Embassy on the Internet.

After receiving the appointment, the person should visit the Turkish office, accompanied by the required documents, and it should be replied within a week at the latest, whether approval or rejection.

The Director of the Turkish Office explained that this new office will relieve the pressure on the Turkish Embassy, where the office can receive 100 applications per day, study it quickly and respond to it, while the Turkish Embassy cannot receive more than 20 requests. To get a visa to Turkey it costs $ 90.

Application can be made via the following website:

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