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Turkey opens the second longest tunnel in the world in August 2016

  • March 21, 2019
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Turkey opens the second longest tunnel in the world in August 2016

The Minister of Transport and Communications of the Turkish maritime navigation “Ben Ali Yildirim,” on Sunday, that the tunnel “fulfilled”, which will connect between the states other than the Turkish Erzurum and Rize, will open in August / August next.

Yildirim stressed, that in the tunnel excavation work continues, and that the total drilling done in both tubes of the tunnel, which consists of them, amounted to 21 thousand square meters, and that the length of the concrete pavement that has been done in them, amounted to 14 thousand square meters.

He pointed out the minister, that the cost of the tunnel is about 719 million Turkish Liras -nho Dolar- 248 million, was 353 million pounds to spend 122 million Dolar- -nho yet.

He explained the minister, that the road between the states, Erzurum and Rize, suffering from constant interruption for about 4-5 months of the year because of the winter, adding that the tunnel will prevent interruption of the road, and will shorten the approximately 50 km of road between the two states.

It should be noted, that the tunnel Offit, is the longest tunnel in Turkey and the second longest tunnel in the world, and is designed to link the Black Sea areas of east and south-east Anatolia

Source: Anatolia

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