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The real estate sector in Turkey is booming again

The real estate sector in Turkey is booming again

The significant improvement in the economy of some major countries in recent months has been accompanied by a recovery in the Turkish economy and an improvement in economic growth.

The real estate sector in Turkey has been a part of this dynamic movement, with a recovery of this important sector, which witnessed some stagnation due to the emergency events in Turkey as the failed coup attempt.

In the first months of 2017, the number of apartments sold was 4,470, with Istanbul having 1,478 apartments and houses, followed by Antalya with 856 apartments and houses, Bursa, Yalva, Ankara and Izmir, which acquired the rest of the apartments and properties sold.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Investment Association, Mr. Aziz Toron, has predicted that large investments will flow from the Arabic Gulf States; such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait and Iran. The citizens of these countries are the leading owners and investors in the real estate sector in Turkey. Since the Turkish State generously offers legislation, decisions and procedures to promote investment and encourage investors in this sector.

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