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Şişli Istanbul

Şişli Istanbul

Şişli is one of 39 districts of Istanbul. Located on the European side of the city, it is bordered by Beşiktaş to the east, Sarıyer to the north, Eyüp and Kağıthane to the west, and Beyoğlu to the south, and it is a center of trade and shopping.

It was developed as a middle class residential district during the last years of the Ottoman Empire and the early years of the Turkish Republic (the late 19th-early 20th centuries). French culture had a great influence in this period and the big avenues of Şişli had a European look.

In the late 19th century Şişli was one of the first areas supplied with tramlines, electricity and a gas supply.

Following the founding of the Turkish Republic in the 1920s, larger and larger buildings were put up along wide avenues such as Halaskargazi Caddesi, the main road that runs through the middle of Şişli, with its little arcades of shops below tall buildings of apartments and offices.

Since the 1970s most older buildings have been pulled down and replaced with newer, and multistory structures.

 As in most parts of Istanbul, Şişli has a large population,but there are plenty of shops, cafés, pubs, and other amenities that make life in Şişli pleasant. Additionally, Şişli’s central location to other important areas of Istanbul adds to its desirability.

In Şişli there are museums and historical places like Istanbul Military Museum, Atatürk Museum, Ihlamur Palace, and Monument of Liberty. There are also Religious places

such as Şişli Mosque, Teşvikiye Mosque and Cathedral of Holy Spirit. Şişli also has many Shopping malls and the most famous one is Cevahir Mall.

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