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Reasons for the increased purchase of real estate in Turkey

Reasons for the increased purchase of real estate in Turkey
  • Foreign investors’ purchases of Turkish real estate jumped 65 % in July 2018, the highest growth since the beginning of 2018, according to data from the Turkish Statistics Agency. A real estate expert confirmed that the decline in the Turkish lira has opened the appetite of foreign investors to increase their investments in Turkish real estate.
  • Turkish real estate expert Aziz Pakan said the Turkish real estate sector is promising and attractive, as it blends deep-roots and modernity. He added that the decline of the Turkish currency in the past period has been an additional attraction for the sector by foreign investors and opening their appetite for increasing their investments in Turkish real estate.
  • According to the data of the Turkish Statistics Agency, Iraqis issue the list of foreign investors and buyers of Turkish real estate by 584 units in July, with a growth of 99.3% year-on-year, while Iranian investors made a remarkable surge in purchases of Turkish real estate to 321 units, with a growth rate of nearly 334 % In July 2017.
  • Istanbul is the first destination for foreign buyers by 956 units, followed by Antalya with 641 units, and Bursa with 176 units.

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