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Permanent Residence Permits to Foreign Investors in Turkey

Permanent Residence Permits to Foreign Investors in Turkey

Turkey will grant permanent work and residence permits to qualified foreigners who have to meet several criteria, including contributing to the country’s science, technology, employment and economy, a new practice published in the Official Gazette said March 14.

The ministry will evaluate whether or not the applicants are qualified workers and high-grade investors by taking into account the size of investment in Turkey, export and employment they will provide. In addition, scientists and researchers carrying out researches and efforts in the areas of science, industry and technology, who get recognized as strategic in terms of the country’s interests on an international level, will also be given the turquois card.

The new practice, which was suggested by the International Labor Force Policy Advisory Board, will take the applicants’ level of education and professional experience into account, as well as the impact their activities in Turkey have on economy and employment. The card is expected to be given to relatives of cardholders too.

Those who have a record of success internationally in the areas of culture, art and sports will be able to benefit from permanent work and the residence permit, according to the new regulations.

Foreigners who contribute to Turkey’s or its culture’s international reputation and publicity, and those who engage in activities regarding Turkey’s national interests on an international level will also be given the turquois card.

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