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Nice idea for those who would like to buy an apartment in Antalya or Yalova

Nice idea for those who would like to buy an apartment in Antalya or Yalova

Purchase an apartment in one of Turkey cities, could be a rewarding investment which brings your dream to own a wonderful apartment to reality; and brings you a monthly income in the event you decide to invest the apartment either for leasing or resale.

İf you visit Turkey in purpose of buying an apartment, you can enjoy your time by a fantastic tour throughout Turkey; especially in light of fact that many of the tourist villages and hotels in Turkey seek to provide its services taking into account of the needs of Islamic families, where the separation of women and men in places such as swimming pools and other activities is required. Here are some of these hotels in Antalya and Yalova:

  • Şah İnn Paradise in Antalya:

Gorgeous beauty hotel extends over an area of 167 thousand square meters, was designed to reflect in various artistic touches the beauty of green nature and the sea, where the hotel boasts its own beach that runs along the 400 meters, and offers hotel rooms reserved for women, and variety of swimming pools mothers and children, which is equipped with fresh water or salt water.

  • Armutlu Tatil Köyü in Yalova :

Armutlu village for holidays in Yalova is considered as a typical tourist site to spend a few days with family during your visit to Turkey for tourism, shopping or to buy a residential apartment for sale. The village extends over an area of 300 thousand square meters on the sea coast; surrounded by diverse green plants forest which give the atmosphere more comfortable and recovery smells.

  • Adenya Hotel in Antalya :

It is an ideal hotel for Arabic families; with its remarkable location and its panoramic views of the Sea of charming Antalya. It is surrounded by evergreen forests from all sides; it offers a private beach for women swimming in addition to swimming pools and Jacuzzi rooms overlooking the beach.

  • Rizom Tatil Köyü in Yalova:

This village has many advantages that made it a popular destination for conservative families; it is famous with its attractive charm nature, and the magnificent sweet homes and apartments for sale penetrating the heart of nature. All that gave the name to be one of the most beautiful villages in Turkey.

Of course, such hotels and tourist villages is available in the rest of Turkey charming cities if you wish to take advantage of this practical sweet idea.

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