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Mosque of Çamlica: Important Historical Figures

  • May 25, 2019
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Mosque of Çamlica: Important Historical Figures

The mosque, planned to be designed on the Seljuk Ottoman style, is combined with contemporary style and is one of the symbols of the city of the two continents, the eye can see it from afar at the top of the Çamlıca hill on the Asian side of Istanbul.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened the mosque after Friday prayers 3 May 2019 corresponding to 28 / Sha’ban 1440H in a ceremony attended by important delegations from several countries, and with the participation of a large number of citizens.

جامع تشاملجا اسطنبول

Amazing Specifications

  1. Six years ago, work began on the construction of the Grand Mosque of Çamlica, at the top of the highest hill in Istanbul, also known as the “Çamlica Hill” in the Asian side of the city.
  2. The dome diameter is 34 meters and its height is 72 meters. It is a reference to 72 nations that lived in the main city of Istanbul.
  3. On the front face of the dome, there were 16 names of the most beautiful names of Allah, mentioned in the last two verses of Surat al-Hashr, referring to the 16 Turkish states, which sprang from Turkish origins and played an important role in Turkish history.
  4. The six minarets of Çamlica Mosque represents the pillars of faith. Of these minarets are four triangular balconies, 107.1 meters long, and the remaining minarets were two balconies and 90 meters long.
  5. On top of the main dome, a 3.12-meter-wide, 7.7-meter-high, and weighing 4.5 tons of mosque crescent that was painted with nanotechnology, the largest in the world.
  6. Alongside the mosque are a museum, a technical center, a library, a conference room, a handicraft workshop and a very large car park that serves the needs of worshipers and visitors.

جامع تشاملجا اسطنبول

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