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Istanbul Tulip Festival

Istanbul Tulip Festival

At this time of the year, Istanbul city is colored with 30 million Tulips planted in parks, gardens and roads of this charming city. The Tulip Festival continues throughout April, and many of the famous gardens are filled with Tulip with splendid formations, such as Gulhane, Goztepe, Emirgan to name a few.

The festival is accompanied by various activities including the most important traditional arts such as the art of Ibarro (water painting) and the Arabic calligraphy and the blowing of glass. The municipalities of Istanbul are publishing their events on their websites.

The photography enthusiasts also compete in the “most beautiful Tulip” competition .

Last year there was a huge carpet of Tulip flowers in Sultanahmet Square in the heart of the historic city of Istanbul. Now Istanbul Municipality is preparing to build the second carpet, using more than 560,000 Tulip flowers on an area of 728 square meters.

These flowers were brought by Turks from their native lands in Central Asia to Anatolia, spread to Europe in the sixteenth century. The Austrian Emperor’s ambassador to the Ottoman Empire filled the palaces of the Sultan And sent the bulbs of the flower to Vienna as a gift to the emperor. This flower became a symbol of the Ottoman Empire. The era of the Ottoman Sultan Mohammed IV was called the Tulip period.

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