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Istanbul the Economic Center of Turkey

Istanbul the Economic Center of Turkey

Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ibrahim Chaglar said that Istanbul is of great importance to the economic movement at the global level and not only Turkey, it is an international trade center where there are 33 thousand foreign companies registered in the Chamber of Commerce, and during the first quarter of the year The number of foreign companies increased by more than 37%.

Mr. Chaglar said that the city’s economy is larger than that of 130 countries. It covers 27% of total national income and 43% of total exports in Turkey.

Here are a few statistics about Istanbul:

Istanbul has a population of 18.5% of Turkey’s total population.

Turkey’s GNI per capita reached $ 12.12 thousand in 2014, while in Istanbul it reached $ 19.9 thousand.

According to data from the Turkish Statistics Agency, Turkish export revenues amounted to 142.5 billion dollars last year, of which 76.2 billion to Istanbul, equivalent to 53.4%.

Turkey’s foreign trade volume reached 341 billion and 162 million dollars last year, of which 192 billion and 178 million were to Istanbul by 56 percent.

On the other hand, data from the Banking Supervision and Regulation Organization in Turkey showed that there are 11,656 branches of banks throughout the country, of which 3308 thousand are in Istanbul, an average of 28.4%.

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