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Istanbul opens the longest Metro line connecting the ends

  • March 20, 2019
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Istanbul opens the longest Metro line connecting the ends

Minister of Communications and Transport Ben Ali Yildirim announced that the date for the opening of the train line between the town of Gbzh on the Asian side of Istanbul inspired Hlkala in the European side will be in the first month of 2017.

In this context, Yildirim said that it will be reached this line, “Marmaray” line that connects the Asian side Baloorobi train line from under the Bosphorus.

Thus, the passenger who wants to ride from Hlkala area to reach the town of Gbzh of the distance of the new train will be able in 105 minutes.

According to the newspaper, it will add 45-kilometer-long line up between “Ehrlich Chmh” Last Station Marmaray station on the Asian side to reach the town Gbzh east of Istanbul.

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