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Istanbul best tourist destination in Europe and the most charming city in ‎the world…‎

Istanbul best tourist destination in Europe and the most charming city in ‎the world…‎

Istanbul-Turkey was occupied, first place among the favorite tourist ‎destinations in Europe, in the “top 25 cities to visit in 2015” list, ‎prepared by “Trip Advisor” magazine, specialized in the field of tourism.‎

The magazine described Istanbul; as one of the most charming cities in ‎the world, and therefore is not surprising that occupies first place in the ‎list for the second year in a row.‎

The list – based on the poll of readers – take into account a number of ‎factors, including; accommodation, restaurants, and attractions.‎

The magazine pointed out that Europe is the most received for tourists ‎continent, where the destination for about 500 million tourists a year.‎

The list included in addition to Istanbul; the following cities in order:‎

Prague (Czech Republic), London (United Kingdom), Rome (Italy), Paris ‎‎(France), Zermatt (Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain), Guremyh (Turkey), St. ‎Petersburg (Russia), Athens (Greece), Budapest ( Hungary), Lisbon ‎‎(Portugal), Florence (Italy), Venice (Italy), Rimini (Italy), Amsterdam ‎‎(Netherlands), Sorrento (Italy), Madeira (Portugal), not Oliva (Spain), ‎Reykjavik (Iceland), Krakow (Poland), Vienna (Austria), Killarney (Ireland), ‎Edinburgh (Scotland) and Berlin (Germany).‎



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