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Is it time to buy real estate in Turkey?

Is it time to buy real estate in Turkey?

The Turkish lira has exceeded the limit of 6 Turkish lira per dollar, which means that the trader who owns $ 100 thousand has become much worthier than half a million Turkish liras, and this equals the value of a luxury villa close to the tourist areas, or luxury apartment in the best tourist areas, And equal two tourist apartments in the medium tourist areas.

This represents an irreplaceable opportunity for foreign tourists to own a property in the most beautiful tourist areas, or in view of the deterioration of economic conditions in their countries because of the lack of a solid economic, industrial and commercial base there.

An opportunity to own in one of the most beautiful tourist countries, one of the few Islamic countries that allow foreigners to own and to obtain its citizenship as well.

Turkey’s Real estate data for July 2018 indicate that property sales for foreigners increased 65 % and reached 2,885 properties.

Istanbul topped the list of best-selling real estate properties for foreigners. The number of properties sold reached 956 properties in July 2018. Antalya came second with 641 properties sold, while Bursa ranked third with 176 properties. Yalova Ranked fourth with 167 properties, and Sakarya ranked fifth with 132 properties.

On the other hand, the Iraqi citizens topped the list, where they occupied first place, as was the custom in the purchase of real estate by foreigners in Turkey, Iraq tops the first place usually, and rarely to rank behind in most months of the year.

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