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Investments of 300 Saudi company’s in Turkey and real estate sector is the most attractive ‎

Investments of 300 Saudi company’s in Turkey and real estate sector is the most attractive ‎

– The economic and investment relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, over the past ten years is booming, with trade figures exceeded three times, for up to 30 billion riyals. Oil and plastic products are the most important Saudi Arabia’s exports, while Steel is the most important Turkish’ Exports.

300 Saudi companies’ investments in Turkey touched 4 billion riyals in several areas, industrial, financial, commercial and real estate, while there are more than 200 Turkish companies operating especially in the construction sector, and achieved important projects, most recently, “Medina Airport”, which is the first Airports project in Saudi Arabia carried out in cooperation between the public and private sectors.

The real estate sector is the most attractive for Saudis and GCC investments in Turkey, where the volume of ownership for only Saudis exceeds a million square meters by the end of 2014, there are indications of a higher remarkably volume in 2015, indicating increase in real estate investments. The Saudis possession in Turkey push towards the development of economic relations between the two countries through informing Saudi investors on the Turkish experiences in industry, services, tourism, and construction.

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