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Invest in agricultural land in Turkey

Invest in agricultural land in Turkey

In addition to the the real estate investment opportunities in Turkey, which varies  between the investment in apartments for sale, homes for sale, hotels for sale, lands for construction; finally it is available for Saudi investors to invest in  agricultural lands.

Turkey has recently led to a chance for Saudi businessmen investors to invest in the agricultural field; among the Saudi initiative for Saudi agricultural investment abroad, so as to achieve local and regional food world food security, especially that equivalent to 40% of the territories in Turkey areas is an agricultural lands.

The Turkish government has adopted an incentive system to encourage investment, agricultural land for the purpose of exploiting vast areas of fertile agricultural land, under water and multiple facilities provide .

This contributes to the multiplicity and diversity of crops produced by various Turkish cities to attract investors from around the world , such as vegetables and fruits, as well as livestock, poultry, and fish.

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