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Information about Kadilkoy Istanbul

Information about Kadilkoy Istanbul

Located in the Asian side of Istanbul, on the north shore of the Sea of Marmara. Kadikoy is a residential and commercial area and it is the cultural center of the Asian part of Istanbul. Its neighboring districts are Üsküdar to the northwest, Ataşehir to the northeast, Maltepe to the southeast, and Kartal beyond Maltepe.

The center of Kadıköy today is the transportation hub for people commuting between the Asian side and the European side of Istanbul across the Bosphorus. There is a large bus and minibus terminal next to the ferry docks. Ferries are the most dominantly visible form of transport in Kadıköy, and the central market area is adjacent to the ferry dock.

Kadıköy is a busy shopping district and it is Turkey’s biggest food market,  it has also an immense turnover of fresh foods and other products from all around Turkey, including a wide range of fresh fish and seafood, olive oil soap, and so on.

Kadıköy has many narrow streets filled with cafés, bars, and restaurants, as well as many cinemas. Süreyya Opera House is a recent redevelopment of the same named historic movie theatre, and there are also many schools and branches of the most famous universities in Turkey.

Kadıköy has many houses from the Ottoman and some from Roman period which is hidden in its side streets. Some of them have been turned into cafés, pubs, and restaurants, particularly serving seafood and rest of them waiting for restoration

Things to Do & See

Strolling around the Kadikoy Square, Moda, and Fenerbahce Kalamis area and watching the crowd, having a rest and drinking tea or coffee at the various cafes nearby the sea, visiting Bahariye Street and make shopping are the best things to do in Kadikoy. Kadikoy shoreline is very popular with young people.

Kadikoy Market and Bahariye Street

Kadikoy Market and the famous Bahariye Street are the most popular places to visit and see in Kadikoy. The Kadikoy market area is also known as “the Beyoglu of Istanbul’s Asian side”, and Bahariye street as “the Istiklal Street of Istanbul’s Asian side”. There is a wide range of places at the Kadikoy market area from greengrocers to fishmongers, from spice shops to patisseries, cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

The famous fish market in the Market area is worth a visit and see. Tellalzade Street along the Kadikoy market area is famous for its antique shops and second-hand bookstores. Before you get to the Bahariye Street, on the way you’ll come across to the other famous Sanatcilar (Artists) Street and here you may find a variety of pretty ceramics, paintings, and art shops by the local ceramics artists.

The traffic-free Bahariye Street can be considered as the most lively and famous place in Kadikoy. There is also an old fashioned tram operating from Kadikoy harbor. Bahariye Street is always lively and crowded. You may find a variety of lovely cafes, and restaurants as well as quality shops and cultural event centers in the Bahariye Street. The Sureyya Opera House is the most eye-catching building in Bahariye Street.

Sureyya Opera House

The Sureyya Opera House Süreyya was designed as an opera, theater and ball house in 1927 by Sureyya Ilmen Pasa but used to serve as a cinema hall for many years. After hard work in 2007, Sureyya Opera House restored to its original and has become the first opera house on Istanbul’s Asian side and the 6th one in Turkey. The building is very attractive with its facade with the cravings of the Muses and masks of art, tragedy, and comedy as well as the very beautiful interior. You’ll also see a marble sculpture named Vodvil standing by the building.

Osman Aga Mosque

Osman Aga Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Kadikoy. The mosque was built during the era of the Sultan I.Ahmed (1603-1617) by Osman Aga. The wooden construction is renewed by Sultan II. Mahmud in 1811.

Bagdat Street

Bagdat Street (Bagdat Avenue) is one of the most luxurious streets for locals in Istanbul. The 14 km. long Bagdat street begins from Bostanci and extends to Goztepe. There are numerous luxury cafes, restaurants, and shops along the street. Also awarded as the 4th most popular shopping street in the world some many years ago, Bagdat street also offers great entertainment and nightlife activities in Istanbul’s Asian side.

Istanbul Toy Museum

Istanbul Toy Museum is a very sweet museum that is situated in the Goztepeneighborhood of Kadıköy. Istanbul Toy Museum was founded by Sunay Akin (the Turkish poet and novelist) in 23rd April 2005, on National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. The most popular samples of the toy history from the 1700s to present-day are exhibited at the Istanbul Toy Museum. The toys at the museum are gathered by Sunay Akin from the antiques shops and auctions from more than 40 countries for 20 years. The museum is closed on Mondays.

Romantika Fenerbahçe Park

The Romantika Fenerbahce Park is located on the Fenerbahce Peninsula in the Fenerbahce neighborhood of Kadikoy. The park is very popular with the Istanbul locals and has beautiful open and closed areas.

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