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Opening your new bank account in Turkey has several benefits as it allow you to transfer the price of your purchased real-estate or its installments to your bank account in Turkey and then to the account of the construction company Turkish Lira, Euro or dollar. All this can be done via the Internet, and you can deposit money in your account or make transactions to and from Turkey, plus you can get an ATM card for your purchases and you will be able to pay all your bills to through the internet.

The necessary steps to open a bank account in Turkey

Tax Number

– Tax number asked in most financial transactions in Turkey, including opening a bank account or buying a property.

– You can get the tax number from the tax department Vergi Dairesi.

– Your address in Turkey in details should be written for obtaining the tax number

– the address id usually referring to property that has been bought and if not buying your hotel address can be used.

– They also requests copy of your passport.

– After that you can take your tax number immediately.

– To activate the tax number in the Turkish financial network you should wait about 4 hours minimum.

– Then you can go to the bank and start the procedures to open your account.

Bank account

In order to open personal bank account you need:

– An official address in Turkey, it is better to be the address of the apartment that you bought.

– Address in the country of residence or in your home country, so it is better to bring water or electricity bill or an Internet subscription with you to register your permanent address.

– After that  you will sign some papers and the service agreement, then they will give you a card that contains your account information and you can receive ATM card after about a week or ten days from the date of opening the account.

– You can open an account for Turkish lira in addition to dollar and euro in case of need.

– You can request the bank services via the Internet so you can accomplish all your financial transactions like opening accounts, transfer and deposit money, pay bills and taxes, and many other services, directly through your account online without having to go to the bank or even to the ATM.

– To request the electronic bank services you should buy a Turkish mobile line so the bank will send a password to it for activation and for every bank operation.


– Some travel passports which letters are non-Latin require a translation by a licensed translator before going to the bank.

– The process of opening a bank account must be with personal presence.

– It does not require you to stay or owning accommodation in Turkey to open an account, with the exception of some banks.

– To get a Visa credit card or a credit card there must be a movement in your account and you should get a residence permit in Turkey.

– The agriculture Turkish bank is now the most bank in Turkey that offers more facilities for the Syrians, Iraqis and Arabs in general.

– Annual fee for the account estimated average of 60 TL and vary from one bank to another.

Tamalok Company assists its customers to obtain the tax number, to open a bank account and to translate the passport if required, and all that for free.

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