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How to obtain the Turquoise Card for Foreign Investors in Turkey

How to obtain the Turquoise Card for Foreign Investors in Turkey

Applications to obtain the card will be done through an application system with the ministry if the person is in Turkey, and will be made through Turkish missions if the person is abroad. The documents from overseas applications will be transferred to the ministry, where the decision will be made.

Foreigners willing to obtain the turquois card will have to submit documents with information about themselves and their relatives. An intermediary institution will also be able to apply on behalf of the card candidate. 

Foreigners will be able to submit applications on behalf of their relatives to get residence permits in the first 90 days starting from their arrival to Turkey. Documents showing their matrimonial and custodial bonds, if they have children, will be added to the application.

The cardholders will deal with issues such as residency, travel, work, investment, commercial activities and heritage just like Turkish citizens. If the law requires one to be a Turkish citizen, the cardholders will not be able to apply to benefit from that right.  

The cardholders and their relatives will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship once the ministry approves, and under the condition that the person does not present a threat against national security and public order. 

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