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طريقة شراء شقة في تركيا

Turkish law grants the right to own real estate in Turkey for all citizens of the world after voiding the principle of reciprocity in May 2012, except for citizens of some countries, such as Armenia, Cuba, North Korea. At same time this law did not grant the right explicitly for Syrians to own an apartment or a house in Turkey, however, this can happen through establishing a company and registering the property under the company name, or the registration of the property is permissible based on their foreign passport, if any, or through a power of attorney for someone reliable carrying a foreign passport.

A foreigner has the right to own real estate in all parts of Turkey, except locations nearby military and strategic sites, stations of oil and energy areas, airports and seaports. A foreigner has the right to own more than one apartment or a house or land with an area up to 30 hectares.

Steps of buying and owning an apartment in Turkey:

  • After communicating with the customer who wants to buy and sending appropriate offers based on his/her requests and budget, an appointment will be set for the arrival of the client to Turkey.
  • The company will receive the customer at the airport and deliver him/her to the hotel by a company car.
  • TAMALOK sales representative will organize a sightseeing tour to the customer regarding projects that gained initial acceptance, and expanding the tour to include other projects to cover more options if applicable; where a detailed explanation for each property will be offered and make sincere advice and consultancy to the customer.
  • After choosing the appropriate apartment by the customer, a sales contract will be signed between him/her and the company and/or a person who owns the apartment. the company’s legal advisor will oversee and check identity documents if necessary, and the buyer can use his/her own lawyer if he/she wishes to do so.
  • After signing the contract from both the buyer and the seller, the buyer will pay a reservation payment to the property’ owner to book the apartment in his/her name. At this stage, the customer with the help of our company sales representative will obtain a tax number which is given by Turkish authorities for each tourist or resident in Turkey in order to facilitate the required official transactions.
  • In the event of the customer’s desire to open a bank account in one of the licensed banks in Turkey, in order to facilitate the bank transfer of apartment payments, this requires translation of the passport to the Turkish language and proof of the customer permanent address in his residence country.
  • The process of registering the property on behalf of the buyer takes a period between 2-5 days; this period is required to get the Expertıse Report.
  • During this period and in the event of a cash purchase, the buyer will handle the transfer of the real estate amount to his private bank account in Turkey if he/she wishes so; the full amount will be paid to the owner in the same day of receiving the title deed of the property.
  • In the event of payment plan purchase, the buyer’s should pay the down payment stated in the contract on time; usually, it is within two weeks from the date of signing the contract.
  • Once receiving the military approval and finalize the procedures with the Turkish authorities, the buyer must come within a short period to receive the title of the property and the apartment’ keys and pay the entire value of the apartment according to the contract signed with the owner. Title deed, tapu, will be issued in the department of tapu and land registry, it is mandatory the presence of the two parties buyer and seller in addition to a sworn translator to translate the information related to the property to the buyer in English or Arabic, in a clear and understandable manner. After that, the ownership of the property will be transferred officially to the buyer by the department employees.
  • In cases of buying an apartment in a residential complex or a building, and this compound or building has obtained in advance the approval of the military headquarter, the customer may receive the tapu directly when paying the apartment value, or at the last installment payment in case of the payment plan purchase.

Required documents to complete the purchase process:

  • Copy of sworn translation of the buyer passport.
  • Recent personal photographs of the buyer.
  • Copy of the seller title deed of the same property, which will be transferred to the buyer later.
  • The tax number of the buyer.
  • The Expertise Report.
  • Other documents will be prepared by us.

The buyer can authorize a person to make the purchase on his/her name; sign a contract, receive title deed of the property in the Land Registry department if he/she is unable to come personally to Turkey. This buying power of attorney should be issued in the Turkish Embassy in the buyer’s residence country or in Turkey in a notary office with the presence of the buyer.

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