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Great optimism for the Turkish economy after the referendum

  • April 4, 2019
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Great optimism for the Turkish economy after the referendum

In April, Bursa hosted two exhibitions, one for construction, real estate and the other for food products. Businessmen and investors from 35 countries, including Germany, Poland and other countries of the European Union, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia, Japan and Ukraine.

The 500 businessmen expressed their optimism about the Turkish economy and their positive impressions of everything they saw during their visit to Turkey.

In a statement, Mr. Ibrahim Borkai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bursa, he said that in the next stage they aim to connect foreign businessmen with their Turkish counterparts and companies in Bursa. He also said that the companies in the field of ready-made garments will hold a meeting in the second half of this month and  200 companies from 25 countries will join it.

On the other hand, the German businessman Stephan Johannes said he came to Bursa to find food products suited to the German market, and said he is visiting Turkey for the first time and found a large country varied and very sophisticated, and said he did not expect to see all this progress in Turkey because European media does not show this side and deliberately ignore it.

In a related context, Chinese businessman Jin Long, who works in the food products sector, said he had presented to the bourse to cooperate with Turkish companies. He pointed out that the cooperation between Turkey and China dates back more than two thousand years and that this exhibition will positively affect the development of trade between the two countries.

Also, Mr. Malivani the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa in Ankara said during his visit to the chamber of industry and trade in Bursa that Turkey will continue its path of stability following the last referendum.

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