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Great Mountain Places Near Istanbul for the Weekend

Great Mountain Places Near Istanbul for the Weekend

In this article, we present an overview of beautiful mountain areas close to the city of Istanbul, for those who wish to spend the weekend in nature:

  • Aava: The closest mountainous area of Istanbul, 100 km away, is located between the Goksu river and Yeshilshay river, with its stunning beauty and magnificent views of the Black Sea, thousands of local and foreign tourists visit it every year.
  • Mashukiye: A piece of paradise located between the regions of Kartepe and Sapanja, It has forests, waterfalls that make it a great choice for the weekend, there are also many restaurants serving seafood, and you could spend the night in Jansu homes for $ 60 a night with breakfast.
  • Zirve daa evi: wooden houses located in the state of Kojaeli, its rooms offer stunning views. It is a very good option for a great vacation. The prices are attractive for around $ 70 for 2 people, children’s toys and a small zoo, as well as a private camping area.
  • Kulin Daa: Located in the Beykoz area near Istanbul, wooden houses surrounded by nature from all sides, the prices are very reasonable, and the cost of accommodation is about $ 30 per person with a morning breakfast.
  • Ozjan Daa: In the Bolu state near Istanbul, these mountain houses are located, where you can spend a great holiday with a reasonable price, the cost of living in these houses is about $ 80 for two people with breakfast, and the fishing fans can practice their hobby and catch the available alabalik fish in the river in this area.
  • Mudurnu: It is an ancient city also located in the state of Bolu,  traveling around its alleys and seeing its old houses is a real pleasure, Saturday is the most appropriate day to visit, where the popular market is set up, and for those who intend to spend the night can stay at the Hajı Shakirler, an historic hotel dating back to 170 years, for around $ 60 for two people with breakfast and lunch.
  • Goynuk: It is the quietest city in the state of Bolu, it has many historical places to visit.
  • Kuzuluk: Named the Paradise Mineral Springs, it is located in the city of Akyazı in the state of Sakarya, it is about two hours from Istanbul and the road to it passes through the dense and magnificent forests.
  • Ineada: it is a great choice for the weekend, close to Istanbul, about three hours away, this area is famous for the Longoz forest on the Turkish-Bulgarian border, a favorite destination for camping enthusiasts.
  • Sarısu: A wonderful area stretching on the Black Sea coast, with cafes and camping areas.

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