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Fruitful idea!

Fruitful idea!

The real estate investment is the best and easiest way to gain money in Turkey, just like the case in the West, especially in England and America.

Fruitful idea became prevalent and associated with the recovery of the Turkish economy and low bank interest rates, the purchase of real estate and investment in it, through the resale or lease, became the best option to the Turkish investor.

With revive of real estate market in Turkey; the demand for small apartments grew rapidly. The modern residential complexes focused on the provision of these apartments, to meet the demand of the youth customers for both marriage and stability, or to study; because of being cheap and suitable to their financial budget.

Fruitful idea without the no doubt and a successful invest in the outskirts of the city of Istanbul for Arabs or foreigners, to purchase a small apartment in the urban booming development areas; ready to live and leasing which will grant the investor well monthly return, or contribute in paying the monthly premium if the apartment purchased in comfortable installments . Also, in case if the purchase of an apartment under construction; at a low price and then sell it after completion of the project at a high price , where apartment prices automatically go up by almost 35 % at the end of the project.

Multiple and accessible choices are available , and in all cases, these small stylish apartments with its flexibility requirements of financial occupied large areas of modern luxury complexes in Istanbul and they made ​​the dream of owning an apartment or a house in Turkey easy and possible; especially if it is accompanied with generous services and offers provided by our company to its customers .

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