26 June 2017 News

How to find the right dream home in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful enchanting country that stretches over a vast area of 783,356 km, and is divided into 81 states, while its population is approximately 80 million. Therefore, the search for a residential apartment whether for housing or investment or even for rent is a daunting task especially in large cities crowded like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir.

Therefore, we found it is useful to clarify some of the main points that must be taken into consideration when searching for a house or apartment or villa, either for the purpose of housing or investment or rent:

  • The location of the apartment or home: The location of the apartment you intend to acquire is very important especially in the large cities; close to the transport network and, places well served, and the workplace is of great importance to shorten the time and ensure the requirements of life without trouble. Modern complexes in the new urban development areas are a good choice in terms of advanced infrastructure and services are available to its residents; while owning a house or apartment in the countryside or near the sea is a good idea for spending holidays.
  • After locating the targeted residential apartment, searching the Internet is the best way to get many options and simply compare them. But of course, it is necessary to visit the chosen site on the ground and explore the area, neighborhood, and real estate itself.
  • An attempt should be made to discuss the prices of the target property for the purpose of reducing them, whether for purchase, lease or investment.

As a result, the choice of Turkey as a home for your dream apartment is the right choice in all aspects, beacuse of Turkey's beauty of nature, the modern economic and urban developments, as well as the moderate prices of real estate and services compared to European countries.

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