23 May 2017 News

Three Turkish cities turn into smart modern cities ...

Turkey has been working hard for three years, to transform three Turkish cities into smart cities, in different geographical areas, with the aim of providing effective assistance to citizens in running their daily lives, rationalizing consumption and providing important information quickly and efficiently upon request.

Studies have been conducted to make these cities a reality on the ground by 2023, which marks the 100th anniversary of the founding the Republic: Sakaria in Marmara region in Northwest, Gaziantep in the southeast, and Qaysari in central Anatolia.

Indeed, the transformation of Qaysari city into a smart city has begun as an initial stage. The city's traffic situation is being improved by providing intelligent road junctions, determining the number of vehicles, and controlling the time of traffic lights by providing sensitive sensors.

Turkey aims to make intelligent cities that are based on advanced technological levels to compete with global cities such as New York, London, and Barcelona; said Ardem Aghajil, chairman of the Sector Technology Forum. To achieve this, work will be made to take advantage of the latest technologies that have reached by modern cities, from the health and security sector, through energy and the environment, to education and training.

The Turkish official pointed out that the population of Turkey will exceed 90 million by 2030, forcing the country to start preparing plans to provide advanced infrastructure suitable for future conditions, which requires the concerted efforts of all institutions of society to find the best ways to reach this goal.

The second International Smart Cities Conference, to be held in Turkey on 24 May, will be an important forum for discussing the vision of urbanization and the establishment of modern cities, with the participation of a large number of experts around the world. Delegates from several foreign countries, including Britain, Italy, Poland, and Qatar, will participate in the conference.

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