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14 January 2019 News

The most expensive and cheapest areas in Istanbul

following is a study for the prices of the most expensive and lowest priced apartments per square meter in different areas of Istanbul, according to the information collected by the Turkish Data Processing Center. Esenyurt: ranked first as the cheapest price per square meter in Istanbul at an average price of 2.204TL per square meter. Çatalca: second place after Esenyurt at an average price of 2,213 TL per square meter. Sultanbeyli: Third place at an average price of 2.378 TL per squar


07 January 2019 News

45 Days the Time to Respond to Turkish Nationality Request for Foreign Investors

The Turkish Ministry of Interior has begun to facilitate the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors by publishing new amendments on this decree, The Ministry shall respond to the requests of foreign investors regarding the acquisition of Turkish nationality within 45 days from the date of application' submission, provided that all documents are complete without any missing in the file, Therefore, it is highly recommended to submit the file by a specialist i


27 December 2018 News

Iraqis Are the Most Foreign Real Estate Buyers in Turkey

According to data from the Turkish Statistical Agency published  22 November 2018, the Iraqis ranked first among the most buying foreigners in Turkey in October 2018, with a total of 1.439 properties, followed by Iranians with 557 properties and Kuwaitis with 378 properties, then Germans and Russians. Iraqis are increasingly interested in buying real estate in Turkey, especially after the law that was issued in 2012, which allows them to own all types of real estate apartments, villas, sho


13 December 2018 Investment

The Turkish government issues state bonds to encourage investment in Turkey

To boost foreign investor confidence in the Turkish economy, the Turkish government has decided to launch a five-year state bond in US dollar and euro as of Monday 17/12/2018. The Turkish Minister of Finance, in his address to Istanbul Investor Relations Summit, pointed out that Turkey has managed to control the turbulence in the Turkish market by adhering to successful monetary policies and working without fail or hesitation to maintain the stable value of the Turkish lira. The Turkish lira ha


08 December 2018 News

New facilities for Turkish citizenship

The Turkish government granted new facilities to those who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship by owning properties in Turkey, according to a new amendment to the conditions of granting of Turkish citizenship. This amendment was published in the Official Newspaper on Friday 7/12/2018. The amendment states that a foreign investor can acquire Turkish citizenship by buying a property under construction (in incomplete projects), whereas in the previous decision it was limited to the ready to move p


05 December 2018 News

Istanbul Airport The Connection between Authenticity and Modernity

The airport was built on an area of 76.5 million square meters. All phases of the airport will be completed before 2023. 10,000 employees and workers have worked for establishing the new airport. There are 6 separate runways at the airport. The capacity of the airport is up to 500 airplanes. The closed and open airport terminals accommodate about 70,000 cars. The airport's initial capacity is 90 million passengers per year. Its capacity will be 200 million passengers a year, at the end


26 November 2018 Investment

The most Important Questions About Turkish Citizenship

The following are the most important questions that have been dealt with in this regard, and their exact answers in accordance with the Turkish Nationality Law and its Executive Regulations published on 15/10/2018. How can I obtain Turkish citizenship? Foreigners can obtain Turkish nationality in several ways, including buying a property in Turkey, provided that the purchase of the property should be after the date 12/1/2017.  Can I buy any residential or commercial property to


21 November 2018 News

More Than One Million Apartments Have Been Sold In Turkey Within Just 9 Months

Turkish Minister of Finance Berat Albayrak showed that since the beginning of this year until the end of September 2018, one million and two thousand and 391 apartments were sold. The Turkish minister said that the volume of real estate sales during the year 2018, close to the volume of sales during the last year 2017. He also indicated that the number of apartments sold to foreigners since the beginning of this year and until the end of last September reached 24 thousand and 155


05 October 2018 Investment

Bosphorus palaces attract the attention of foreign investors

Recent fluctuations in the Turkish lira have contributed to foreign investors' ownership and investment in Turkey. Some have been interested in owning palaces and apartments overlooking the Bosporus. There are approximately 60 palaces and 40 apartments with direct views of the Bosporus for sale. Qataris are particularly interested in owning these properties. Where the location, the length of the waterfront, historical value are the main factors in pricing these deficiencies. The neighborhoods o


28 September 2018 News

Own a residential apartment in a distinguished area

On the northern shore of the Sea of Marmara, kadıkoy is located in the village of Al Qadi, with a population of about 450,000. This area is classified as one of the most beautiful residential areas in the world, according to a British magazine survey. There is a great opportunity to live or invest in kadıkoy by owning apartments on the European side of the enchanting Bosphorus Strait. Until recently, kadıkoy was submerged and emerged after the Ottomans opened it and the Sultan Khadr Bey too


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