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Do you know Tonya

Do you know Tonya

Tonya is the Miss Nature in the province of Trabzon, it wears wonderful dresses of green gradient colors; springs and freshwater run in all its parts revives spirit and body of pure in air; while the population seeks to celebrate the visitors to their town by offering traditional Turkish food in restaurants.

Tonya which lies at the north-east of Turkey attracts the real state investors, people who seeks to get an apartment for sale in Trabzon; and  the tourists from all over the world, for its history and beauty of nature. And of course it attracts lovers of photography tourists.

The head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Trabzon, Suad Ihsan Oglu declared: “The number of tourists visiting the city is increasing day after day, due to the fact that Tonya has the whole elements of the tourist attraction elements”.

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