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Davutoglu in a European tour to attract foreign investment to Turkey

Davutoglu in a European tour to attract foreign investment to Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, left the country, on Sunday, to do a week-long European tour, aiming to activate the wheel of marketing investments in Turkey, through visiting London and Berlin and Davos.

The first station that Davutoglu will begin his visit, will be the British capital London, where he will meet 350 large investors, who occupy the funds estimated of ten trillion dollars. Davutoglu will deliver the opening speech at the 16 Turkish investments conference. As it will reveal a medium-term economic program, which Turkey will follow until 2018, and will map the road for foreign investments in Turkey.

Davutoglu will also meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron, and will discuss with him the future of relations between the two countries and between Turkey and the European Union and developments in the Middle East. Also it planned to meet with the Turkish migration living in Britain.

Following his visit to London, Davutoglu will meet with top foreign investors in Davos, to brief them on investment opportunities in Turkey, before continuing his trip to the German capital Berlin.

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