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column of constantine istanbul

column of constantine istanbul

The Column of Constantine (also known as Cemberlitas) marks the centre of what was once the Forum of Constantine the Great and was erected by him to celebrate the dedication of the city as capital of the Roman Empire on 11 May, 330. This forum was unusual in the way that it was oval in shape. It was adorned with statues all around.
The column consists of seven porphyry drums standing on a masonry base (put in place after the fire in 1779), the lowest drum hidden behind the masonry casing. All the joints were hooped after an earthquake in 416 had made some damage to the lower drums. They were then not considered safe and has been hooped with iron bands ever since, although the bands have been changed during the centuries.
Originally there was a statue of Consatntine as the sun god on top of the column, but it fell down in an extreme wind attack in 1106. As it stands today the column is just short of 35 metres high.
Interestingly, the course of the avenue that passes by the column has not changed since the time of Constantine!

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