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Arab investors prefer to invest in Turkey

Arab investors prefer to invest in Turkey

In 2014, the order of foreign investors in real estate has been changed significantly in Turkey, and therefore the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become in first place of the purchase of real estate in Turkey.

Sunmaz oglu , the real estate expert , says that Arab investors have stepped up to the first rank in the purchase of real estate in Turkey.

In the last year, the total area of real estate bought by Saudi investors is estimated at about 402 thousand square meters, where Saudi Arabia was at that time ranked second in the purchase of real estate in Turkey, but in this year this space doubled to reach 910 thousand square meters, making Saudi Arabia ranked first in the purchase of real estate.

Kuwait also was among the most countries buying real estate in Turkey where occupies sixth place by the equivalent of 94 thousand square meters, but it is now stepped up to the fourth estate purchased a total area of 522 thousand square meters.

Emirates as well, where it had bought a total of 73 thousand square meters, but later bought a total of 219 thousand square meters.

This interest of the Arabs changed the order of the most preferred cities for real estate investment for foreign investors.

Since the Arabs prefer for real estate investment these cities as follows: Istanbul, Yalova, Sakarya, Bursa, Kojaeli, and then Trabzon. In Istanbul , the more areas in which the Arabs are investing regions are Beylikduzu and Basaksehir.

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