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Amazing information about Turkey …

Amazing information about Turkey …

Turkey is ranked sixth in the world as one of the best tourism destinations; because Turkey is one of the richest countries in the world with its historical, religious, cultural and geographical diversity. However, Turkey’s vast fame over time and age has not prevented the spread of some of the amazing facts about Turkey, which we highlight:

  • Mosques: There are 82,693 mosques in Turkey, the only country in the world with a large number of mosques; and Istanbul has the largest number of mosques. The Blue Mosque is a landmark for tourists from all over the world.

  • Tulip: Turkey is the original home of the Tulip, discovered by the Turks in the tenth century AD, and introduced to Europe in the seventeenth century; so never to say that Holland is the home of the Tulip.
  • Nut: Turkey is the largest producer and exporter of nuts in the world and its production totals to 70% of the world’s output, and exports 80% of its production annually. The global demand for Turkish nuts is due to the high quality and luxury ones produced by Turkey on a regular basis.
  • Cherry: Cherry fruit cultivation in Turkey has an ancient history dating back to 72 BC. The Anatolia region was famous for its large-scale cultivation, and it is known in Rome later.
  • Plants and birds: Turkey is home to about 10 thousand species of plants out of 13 thousand species in Europe, including 9 thousand species of flowers, while Europe has 11 thousand species, also Turkey is characterized by the largest group of birds among Europe and Asia; so it is one of the largest centers of biodiversity in the world.
  • Raha desert: RAHA is one of the oldest Turkish sweets dating from 500 years ago. Her fame spread throughout the world and it was the favorite dessert of Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill.
  • Noah Candy: Myths say Noah’s Ark safely arrived near the Ararat mountain in northeastern Turkey. Noah family celebrated their deliverance from the deluge by eating a kind of candy made with grains, fruits, and nuts. This dessert was later known as the candy of Noah or Ashura.


  • Tea Love: Turks introduced coffee into Europe in the 15th century, while many Turks drink at least 10 cups of tea.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Turkey has 15 heritage sites, all of them are important tourist attractions. Turkey leads the world with such sites as the Grand Mosque, Sultan Sulayman Mosque, Diyarbakir Walls, Hussal Gardens, Troy, Pamukkale Springs, and the historic city of Leyton. Turkey also has two of the seven historical wonders of the world: the Hallikarnassus Shrine and the Artemis Temple in Ephesus.
  • Turkish coasts: Turkey’s vast stretch of coastline enables it to own 383 beaches and 21 ports according to international environmental standards. Turkey ranks third in the world in terms of beauty and cleanliness of its beaches, and most of them have a blue flag. Antalya is the first city in Turkey to own 197 beaches.

  • Turkish baths: Turkey has been famous for its traditional baths; but these baths are not originally Turkish since they are designed after the Roman and Byzantine baths, dating back to the seventh century.
  • The oldest religious temple: On the summit of Göbekli, southeast Anatolia, the oldest religious temple built by humans about 12 thousand years ago, the construction of this temple is a unique example of the creation of mountain architecture in the world.

Desert: Due to the rich nature and its outstanding climate, it is not surprising to say that there is no desert in Turkey; so camels are not indigenous animals.

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