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10 reasons to buy a house in Turkey

10 reasons to buy a house in Turkey

Real estate in Turkey continues to make profits for investors in this market. Real estate, which is one of the most profitable tools in the past years, continues to collect gains in 2015, which was full of a lot of difficulties.

Experts predict huge sales in 2016 as well. Here are 10 reasons to buy property in Turkey:

1. The continued increase in the prices of real estate and housing sales even in year 2015, which has a lot of difficulties, especially in election campaigns and the fluctuations in the currency exchange rate of the stage. As the average price per square meter of apartments in Istanbul raised from 3,200 pounds (about $ 1,100) to 3.575 pounds, which is an increase of about 12 percent in one year. Experts predict the largest increase in 2016.

2. Large projects began to make great efforts; where there is a speed in the pace of transportation projects in Istanbul, such as the third bridge and the airport, the new metro lines. The areas continue to make profits and gains whenever you open a new road construction have been completed.

3. The increase in foreign investor’s numbers in Turkey reflects increasing in prices quickly.

4. The increase in rental price. The average properties rental price, per square meter, in Istanbul in particular is 21 pounds. As well as to find a house for rent in the central areas has become very difficult. Thus you, for sure, will get a high income from rent when you purchase a house or apartment.

5. The price of the property increased with the construction of buildings resistant to earthquakes rather than risky buildings.

6. New projects are in the way, since large part of real estate has been sold between 2014 and 2015 in current projects. Some construction companies were looking to year 2016 to fulfill the projects that they had planned in 2015 which suffered from many difficulties. And then it will be an increase in the number of projects and this year is bound to intensify competition. In short, it is the best time to take advantage of offers companies and buy a new property in Turkey.


7. Experts are awaiting a decline in the benefits of real estate loans, in the second half of 2016.

8. Real estate investments bear fruit for almost 14 years across Turkey.

9. If you invest in the developing regions, you can double your money within a few years, and then buy a bigger house in a promising area. And this will increase your investment by double.

10. Buying a new house means a new beginning. You can start a new life by entirely appropriate décor in your new house, which meets your needs and requirements.

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